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The Common Core State Standards Initiative is an educational initiative from that details what K–12 students throughout the United States should know in English language arts and mathematics at the conclusion of each school grade. Jun 15,  · The Common Core was the latest educational experiment to come to a school whose teachers had long tired of them. P.S. embraced the standards in , when Ms. Colon, hoping to shake things up Author: Javier C. Hernández. Apr 16,  · The Common Core Explained. With all the developments and debate around the common-core standards, and the release of test results tied to them, .

The Problems with the Common Core by Stan Karp

He could have written about the green toy truck he kept hidden in his room, a reminder of Haiti, a place he did not yet fully understand. He could have noted his dream of becoming an engineer or an architect, to one day have a house with a pool and a laboratory where he would turn wild ideas about winged cars and jet packs into reality. His teacher, Trisha Matthew, had asked the 13 boys and six girls in her fourth-grade class to write self-portrait poems.

Some students compared themselves to red foxes and resplendent stars, loud pianos and LeBron James. Chrispin took a different approach. Chrispin had reason to worry, common core article. He had once been a model student — the fastest counter in the first grade, his teachers said. But last year, in the confusion of a new and more difficult set of academic standards known as the Common Core, he had failed the state tests in English common core article math, placing him near the bottom of his class, common core article.

The Common Core, the most significant change to American public education in a generation, was hailed by the Obama administration as a way of lifting achievement at low-performing schools. After decades of rote learning, children would become nimble thinkers equipped for the modern age, capable of unraveling improper fractions and drawing connections between Lincoln and Pericles. The standards have recently become a political flash point.

Lawmakers in some states have suggested the Common Core undermines local control of education. Parents and teachers have raised questions about whether students are ready for a new wave of standardized tests, after precipitous drops in test scores in New York and Kentucky, the first two states to adopt Common Core exams.

Others have argued the new benchmarks are onerous and elitist, common core article. But whether the Common Core achieves its promise will ultimately depend on schools like P.

New York City gave the school a C on its annual report cardciting its poor test scores; it even lagged behind similar schools serving large numbers of poor children. Parents were distraught, and staff members wept, common core article. On that April day, Chrispin was determined. As one of the smallest children in the fourth grade, he had grown accustomed to being underestimated.

With the right luck, he thought, he would earn high marks when test scores came back in August. Maybe, Chrispin thought, he would score so high that he would win a trophy.

He imagined the scene: walking across the stage at graduation in sunglasses and white sneakers, claiming his award and basking in the applause of the entire school.

At the very least, Chrispin resolved, he did not want to find out in June that he common core article so far behind that he would have to go to summer school. In his mind, it was a jail, a grave place devoid of friends, family and his Xbox He returned to his poem:. But success in recent years has been elusive. Enrollment dwindled as families left the neighborhood or opted for charter schools with flashier offerings.

Parents, many of them immigrants, were difficult to reach, common core article. More than 90 percent of students came from low-income families, and Nancy Colon, the principal, estimated that almost half of the students were being raised by single mothers, common core article.

The Common Core was the latest educational experiment to come to a school whose teachers had long tired of them. Common core article, hoping to shake things up, began using a curriculum from Kentucky, one of the first states to turn to the Common Core. On its own, the Common Core was not a curriculum; it did not tell schools to use particular textbooks, lesson common core article or technology.

The standards provided a philosophy for instruction. Teachers would focus on fewer topics and cover each in greater depth, common core article. They would bring abstract lessons to life by explaining how skills could be applied in the modern world.

And they would emphasize critical thinking at every turn. Many teachers across the city were initially skeptical. Some saw the Common Core as another mandate from above, an idealistic vision of education promoted by outside groups seeking to radically overhaul schools. The hurried rollout last year of a new, common core article, more difficult set of exams aligned with the Common Core to replace old exams complicated the effort.

While passing rates fell across the city, common core article drop was especially pronounced at schools with large numbers of black or Hispanic students, according to an analysis by The New York Times. Labor unions argued that the city had not devoted enough resources to training educators in the new standards and that it was unfair to evaluate teachers using results from the new tests.

By the start of school last fall, with the memories of state tests still fresh, a sense of anxiety was growing at P. Though teachers found much to like in the new standards and believed the Common Core could transform education in the long run, they worried about what might happen in the short term. They feared for children like Chrispin — promising students unaccustomed to the critical thinking required by the Common Core, whose confidence was fragile and frayed.

One day I was playing soccer in the living room, common core article. I kicked the soccer ball right into the glass where my mom kept her tea cup. I thought my mom will be angry at me. So I started running to my room, common core article.

It was so embarrissing, common core article. Almost all of the fourth graders who arrived in Ms. Only a few students could form persuasive arguments; most filled their notebooks with meandering personal memories. Many struggled with basic math skills.

Matthew, concerned about morale, called each student to her desk at the beginning of the year, common core article.

Matthew, 32, an immigrant from Grenada who had taught for a decade, knew that her students carried unusual burdens. There was Stella, who had arrived in New York four years earlier without knowing much English, fleeing the horror of an earthquake in Haiti. There was Lamott, who dreamed of one day dribbling down the court of Madison Square Garden, but whose parents rarely took time to read to him at home, common core article.

And there, at the front of the classroom, was Chrispin, a reserved boy whose cheery glances obscured his own struggles. Chrispin had little recollection of Haiti; the only reminder he kept was a toy truck given to him by his father too long ago for him to remember.

Sometimes he asked his mother, Carline Alcindor, why the family had left for America. Life in Port-au-Prince was pleasant, she said, and then one day it was not. It was time for a change. Alcindor cycled through temporary jobs — cleaning houses, changing sheets at nursing homes.

Still, New York felt more hopeful, more resilient, than Port-au-Prince. In Haiti, common core article, the schools were shoddy and violent; here, they seemed orderly, with separate bathrooms for teachers and students. Here, she thought, her children might blossom. On the first day of christmas my parents gave to me a psp for me. On the second day of christmas my parents gave to me 2 xbox for me. On the third day of christmas my common core article gave to me 3 creepy noams for me.

Even though she worried grimmer days might return, Ms. Alcindor took pride in imagining a future for each of her triplets. Haelleca, a diligent and confident girl, would become a lawyer. Christopher, the one with the common core article sensitive heart, would become a doctor. And Chrispin, the most careful, the most exacting, would be an engineer. By fourth grade, however, Chrispin seemed far from that ambition. Then he will feel sorry. Alcindor did not know what to do about his academic difficulties.

Her English was too limited to be of much help with homework, and she had never heard of the Common Core. But Ms. The living room was transformed into a remediation center. Haelleca common core article discovered that her brothers were struggling with skills they should have learned in second and third grades. She pulled out old books and coached them through each lesson, mimicking her teachers at school. Why did he choose to include these common core article What can we infer — she liked that word — from this passage?

Chrispin and Christopher usually stared back, clueless. But it seemed to have an opposite effect on her brothers, who were accustomed to spouting back basic facts. Haelleca was especially worried about Chrispin, who had soared through the earlier grades. Chrispin, who had heard the criticism many times before, common core article, smiled.

I was always answering questions. My teachers were amazed. Soon Chrispin and Christopher had no choice but to listen to Common core article. In February, their mother disconnected the television and locked away the Xbox after discovering that Chrispin had not been doing his homework for weeks common core article a row.

Now, common core article, with two months common core article before state tests, the boys would stick to a grueling regimen: long division on Saturdays, writing on weeknights. They would pass the state exams and avoid summer school, their mother mandated. They were common core article, after all, she said. They would rise together. A pet store has 18 hamsters, common core article. The shop owner wants to put 3 hamsters in each cage.

How many cages does the shop owner need for all the hamsters? Wherever he went, he was counting: Jeeps, pennies and basketball scores.



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Mar 10,  · Even Common Core advocate Professor Jason Zimba agreed this national program would prepare students “for the colleges most kids go to, but not for the college most parents aspire to.” Common Core’s graduation requirements are “not for selective colleges,” he continued. High education standards prevent unprepared college students and help the Douglas Holtz-Eakin. Jun 16,  · One reason: The Common Core is the way math was taught before. True, the new South Carolina standards are 92 percent aligned with the Common Core. But Author: Jordan Ellenberg.