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China Injects $ Billion Into Its Slowing Economy. The move comes as Beijing fights a costly trade war with the United States while looking for ways to keep its growth going. Oct 09,  · IndusInd Bank appoints Gaurav Kapur as its chief economist. ​Gaurav will be based in Mumbai and will be responsible for formulating IndusInd Bank's economic forecasts and developing cross-border thematic research. May 22,  · Top Economics Blogs of The list highlights many newcomers and covers a wide range of economic topics. Blogs are included in categories ranging from general economics to specific topics such as finance, healthcare economics, and environmental economics. There are microeconomic blogs, macroeconomic blogs, and blogs which focus on specific geographic Author: Prateek Agarwal.

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Welcome to the 4 th Annual Top Economics Blogs economics articles 2018. Like lists in previous years,the new list features a broad range of quality blogs in practically every economic discipline. Whether you are interested in general economics or prefer more specific topics such as finance, healthcare economics, or environmental economics; there is something here for you, economics articles 2018.

You will also find blogs which focus on microeconomics, economics articles 2018, macroeconomics, and the economics articles 2018 of specific geographical regions. High-quality blogs with a lower number of subscribers were given the same treatment as those with large followings. In addition, every effort has been made to create a well-balanced list, with many different economic disciplines and beliefs represented.

So here are the top economics blogs oflisted in no particular order. New for ! Featuring the best economics blogs ranging from beginner to expert, covering all schools of thought and political persuasions.

General economics blogs are perfect for anyone wanting to learn basic economic principles or experience an overview of current economic issues. General economics blogs tend to cover both micro and macroeconomic disciplines, economics articles 2018, as well as provide an overview of many different sub fields.

An incredibly popular blog, Marginal Revolution features articles, links, commentaries, and fascinating debates on the real world implications of important economic issues. A former secretary of labor for the Clinton administration, Reich was named by Time Magazine as one of the economics articles 2018 most effective cabinet secretaries of the 20th century, economics articles 2018.

Berkeley and is the author of numerous economics articles 2018. His posts cover global economics and focus on macroeconomic trends around the world. Popular and highly praised, Mish Talk is a must read blog. In Undercover Economist, writer Tim Harford provides economics articles 2018 insight by using his own life experiences to illustrate how economic issues affect daily life.

Harford is a senior columnist for the Financial Times, economics articles 2018, has worked at Shell and World Bank, is the author of several books, and was a professor at Oxford University. Cafe Hayek is economics articles 2018 popular economics blog in which authors Don Boudreaux George Mason University and Russ Roberts Research Fellow at Stanford University argue against using the Keynesian view when analyzing modern economic issues and governmental systems.

This excellent daily blog written by Bryan Caplan, David Henderson, Alberto Mingardi, Scott Sumner, and numerous guest authors, focuses on the application of economic theories and principles to topics including politics, finance, history, and pop culture. EconLog comes to you from the Library of Economics and Liberty. The Angry Bear is a multi-topic, multi-author blog in which each author has his or her own unique area of expertise. Authors include tax law experts, historians, numerous economists, and business professionals.

The varying degree of topics makes this an informative blog and a economics articles 2018 overview of economic issues. Truth on the Market features commentary on business law and economic principles in relation to current events. The blog was formed by a group of law professors and economists with expertise in both legal and economic fields.

A great blog for those who want a detailed, in-depth analysis of a wide variety of topics, Conversable Economist is a well-written blog which is backed up with statistics and data, economics articles 2018. Conversable Economist is written by Timothy Taylor, economics articles 2018, the author of several economics books, a lecturer for the Teaching Company, and Managing Editor of the Journal of Economic Perspectives. This blog, written by Bradley Hansen, a Professor of Economics at the University of Mary Washington, covers a wide range of topics including economics, history, law, and just about anything else he economics articles 2018 interesting.

Managerial Econ is the perfect blog for anyone wanting to solve managerial problems and make business decisions using economic principles. Hosted by the authors of the popular managerial economics book Managerial Economics, Managerial Econ is the perfect blend of business and economics—and is highly recommended economics articles 2018 those with an interest in economics and the managerial aspects of business. Blattman also posts links to diverse and interesting content on the web.

The Dangerous Economist is a great choice for beginners and students due to its well written and easy to understand explanations. Cyril Morong, a professor of economics at San Antonio College, takes current news stories and uses them to illustrate economic principles in action.

These illustrations not only make the concepts easy to understand, but also show how economic principles relate to and affect everyday life. Econlife is dedicated to connecting economics to everyday life. This easy to understand blog integrates economics with current events and history. They strive to make economics easy to understand and fun. The authors want to share their love of economics with their readers and it shows in their writing.

This blog is highly recommended for beginners. Eggonomics-hard numbers over easy was started as a way for the author to share thoughts, as well as hear other viewpoints and perspectives from blog readers. It is written by Chandni, an economist who focuses on public, developmental, and IO economics.

This blog is written by John P. Palmer and comes to us from Ontario, Canada. Palmer covers economics in relation to current events, as well as other economic ideas, principles, and theories. The Enlightenment Economist specializes in technology markets, innovation, and competition policy. If you are looking for a blog which gives an overview of economic principles in a way that is both economics articles 2018 to understand and apply, this is a great choice.

When Ed Dolan started this blog, his goal was to promote economic literacy. And while he expected his readers to mostly consist of economics teachers, he soon realized his blog attracted a much wider audience—most of whom simply wanted to learn more about the economic world around them, economics articles 2018.

The Women in Economics at Berkeley blog provides academic opportunities and a supportive community for women working toward a Ph. This blog is dedicated to helping women enter into economics study, complete a Ph. Musings on Economics, Finance, and Life is a highly insightful blog which discusses economics, finance, nature, and life. Economic Policy Journal is a blog which focuses primarily on the Federal Reserve, monetary policy, and government policy relating to economics.

Robert Wenzel is editor and publisher. Armstrong Economics is an economic forecasting organization based on the cyclical models developed by Martin Armstrong. New Economic Perspectives is a blog which focuses on policy advice, economic analysis, and ideas about how policymakers should address pressing economic issues. It provides diverse economic analysis via posts by professional economists, legal scholars, and market professionals.

William K. However, many other writers and economic experts contribute to the blog. These blogs make up a network which is designed to educate the reader about subjects including finance, markets, economics, law, and business. The Gold Standard Blog is written by Anantha Nageswaran and focuses on Indian economics and financial markets, as well as international economics through the lens of the Indian economy.

This is a great blog for anyone wanting a unique perspective on the economics of India, in addition to insight on how the Indian economy relates to the global economy. Sound Economics is a blog which covers economic news, issues, debates, and research. This quality blog is written and run by the students of economics articles 2018 University of Puget Sound, economics articles 2018, and is supervised by Professor Andrew Monaco.

This is a great blog for general audiences, beginners in economic theory, and readers who want to actively participate in discussions. The majority of the posts are data driven explanations of current economic issues, economic news, economic research, and public policy. Mises Wire, a publication by the Mises Institute, is a blog which looks at current events and economic trends from a economics articles 2018 and Austrian school point view.

Austrian and libertarian theory economics articles 2018 applied to both current and historical events, economic study, and research. This blog, from the Center for Economic and Economics articles 2018 Research, does a great job of presenting economic issues in an accurate and easily understandable manner, thus allowing the public to come to their own conclusions regarding economic policy. The CEPR, an organization founded in to promote democratic debate on important economic issues, focuses its blog on covering the activities and briefings of the CEPR, economics articles 2018.

Mark Weisbrot and Eileen Appelbaum are co-directors of the blog. This interesting blog provides commentary and analysis on economic topics including financial issues, labor economics, inflation, monetary policy, economics articles 2018, economics articles 2018 macroeconomic developments.

Published by the Washington Center for Equitable Growth, a non-profit research and grant making organization, Equitablog focuses on economic growth and equity in the United States. The Vox EU blog covers a broad range of economic fields and is popular among public sector, private sector, and academic economists.

Multiplier Effect is the blog of The Levy Economics Institute of Bard College—a nonprofit, nonpartisan, public policy research organization. Through this blog, economics articles 2018, the Levy Economics Institute of Bard College shares its findings and research in an effort to serve the policymaking community in the United States.

Posts on this blog focus on economic policy in the United States and the rest of the world. By providing insights and summaries of current microeconomic research, this blog allows readers to understand the main points and conclusions of important research without the time consuming in-depth reading.

Posts cover all areas of microeconomics, including development, health economics, environmental economics, economics articles 2018, and international trade, economics articles 2018.

The Bruegel blog contains information on topics including European macroeconomics, global economics, finance, financial regulation, and innovation. Bruegel, a European think tank that specializes in economics, manages this blog. Economics articles 2018 blog focuses on financial economics, as well as the economics of why things work the economics articles 2018 they do. A great blog for research into the forces which drive the economy.

The Institute for New Economic Thinking was founded in the wake of the financial crisis. Local Futures was founded by author and filmmaker, Helena Norberg-Hodge. Many other economic subtopics are discussed as well, including finance, government policy, taxation, GDP, and interest rates.

One of the most popular economic blogs on the Internet, Big Picture covers everything from investing and trading to macroeconomics. Big Picture is written by Barry L. Ritholtz, a journalist, author, and founder of Ritholtz Wealth Management. One of the best blogs about the U. Housing Market, Calculated Risk is known for its unparalleled clarity, ease of understanding, and its ability to get to the heart of economic issues.

Policy Research in Macroeconomics PRIME seeks to make economic theories, policies, and ideas understandable to a diverse audience in the hopes that macroeconomic knowledge economics articles 2018 its applications will be used to create solutions for economic, social, and ecological problems throughout the world. PRIME is a network of macro and political economists, as well as professionals from related disciplines.

One of the first economics bloggers to appear online, J. Berkeley, continues to provide interesting and insightful content on macroeconomic issues—year after year. Capital Markets and Economic Analysis discusses commodities such as oil and gold, as economics articles 2018 as economic indicators including the economics articles 2018 market.

The blog is written by Peter Richardson, an economist with over 50 years of experience in his field. An experienced analyst, economist, economics articles 2018, portfolio manager, and CIO, Richardson brings his wealth of experience and unique insight to the fascinating blog.

Through this blog, theoretical and empirical works by Flassbeck, Frederike Spiecker, and other top researchers are presented.


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Read the latest articles and commentary on the economy at US News. The Economic Outlook Update monthly and quarterly reports digest expansive research. Jan 01,  · All told, the 52 economists surveyed by Wolters Kluwer expect consumer spending to increase % in , roughly in line with last year, amid healthy job and income growth. Consumer spending makes up about 70% of the economy. The economists predict business investment will grow %, a touch higher than , Author: Paul Davidson.