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Autophagy enhances mesenchymal stem cell-mediated CD4 + T cell migration and differentiation through CXCL8 and TGF-β1. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have been recognized as a promising tool for the treatment of various inflammatory disorders and autoimmune diseases. Sep 05,  · Yang and colleagues reported the preclinical development of a hematopoietic stem cell-engineered-invariant natural killer T (HSC-iNKT) cell therapy. HSC-iNKT cell therapy has the potential to treat a broad range of cancers through providing cancer . Cell Stem Cell Article Types. Research Articles, Resource Articles, Short Articles, Clinical Progresses, Brief Reports, and Matters Arising are all full-length articles that are handled through our online submission system, Editorial Manager. A brief description of each article type is provided below.

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Content type: Research. Autologous epidermal basal cell suspension therapy has been proven to be one of the most effective treatments for full-thickness wounds. However, we found there remain obvious defects that significantly confin Content type: Review. Stem cell therapy has been applied in many fields. Basic and stem cell article studies on stem cell therapy for acute kidney injury AKI have been conducted.

Stem cells have been found to exert renal protection throug The incidence of obesity and diabetes is increasing rapidly. Optimal management is still elusive, stem cell article. Obesity associated with type 2 diabetes is known to cause adipose tissue inflammation, increase oxidative stres Authors: Cleyton C. Autograft microskin transplantation has been widely used as a skin graft therapy in full-thickness skin defect.

However, skin grafting failure can lead to a pathological delay wound healing due to a poor vascu Bearing proteins, stem cell article, lipids, RNAs, and DNAs, exosomes have emerged as vital biological mediators in cell-to-cell communi Ea, Hong Nian and Ruihua Wei.

Chrysosplenetin is an O-methylated flavonol compound isolated from the plant Chamomilla recutita and Laggera pterodonta. The aim of our research is to evaluate the function of Chrysosplenetin on osteogenesis of h Tooth loss caused by caries or injuries has a negative effect on human health; thus, it is important to develop a reliable method of tooth regeneration, stem cell article.

Research on tooth regeneration has mainly focused on mou Hypertrophic scars HSs are formed via an stem cell article response to the wound healing process. HSs can be cosmetic or can result in functional problems. Prolonged proliferation and remodeling phases disrupt wound Type 2 diabetes mellitus T2DM is mainly characterized by insulin resistance IR and impaired insulin secretion. Retrotransposition of protein-coding genes is thought to occur due to the existence of numerous processed pseudogenes in both animals and plants.

Oligodendrocytes are a type of glial cells that synthesize the myelin sheath around the axons and are critical for the nerve conduction in the CNS. Oligodendrocyte death and defects are the leading causes of s Male infertility is a stem cell article social problem in modern society. Nonobstructive azoospermia NOA caused by germ cell gene defects is an important reason for male infertility, but effective clinical treatment f Testicular torsion is an urological emergency that may lead to infertility due to ischemic injury.

Promptly surgical correction by orchiopexy is the only way to avoid infertility and no effective treatment for Adult stem cells and progenitors are responsible for breast tissue regeneration.

Human breast epithelial progenitors are organized in a lineage hierarchy consisting of bipotent progenitors BPsmyoepithelial PBX homeobox 1 PBX1 is involved in the maintenance of the pluripotency of human embryonic and hematopoietic stem cells; however, the effects of PBX1 in the self-renewal and reprogramming of hair follicle mes To investigate the therapeutic effect of intercellular adhesion molecule ICAM modified mesenchymal stem cells MSCs in a mouse model of inflammatory bowel disease IBD induced by dextran sulfate sodium.

Mesenchymal stem cells MSCs have been recognized as a promising tool for the treatment of stem cell article inflammatory disorders and autoimmune diseases. Stress conditions affect immune-mediated treatment and activa Even though mesenchymal stromal cells MSCs mitigate lung and distal organ damage in experimental polymicrobial sepsis, mortality remains high.

We investigated whether preconditioning with eicosapentaenoic ac Authors: Johnatas D. Kitoko, Stefano A. Amorim, Vera L. Capelozzi, Marcelo M. Morales, Bianca Gutfilen, Sergio A. Weiss, Bruno L. Diaz and Patricia R, stem cell article. Myocardial fibrosis is a common pathophysiological change in cardiovascular disease, stem cell article, which can cause cardiac dysfunction and even sudden death. Excessively activated fibroblasts proliferate and secret excessiv The efficacy of mesenchymal stem cell MSC -based therapy for acute liver injury ALI involves coordination with the hepatic immune system, a complex and coordinated network of immune-cell interactions, stem cell article.

Content type: Letter, stem cell article. Authors: Hiren Patel and Deepa Bhartiya. Synovial-derived cells, found in the synovial membrane of human joints, were stem cell article by digestion of the synovial membrane and were subsequently expanded in vitro.

The identity of synovial-derived cells has l Mechanistic researches demonstrate that the anti-diabetic effect of MSCs is partially mediated by eliciting macropha Liver organoid technology holds great promises to be used in large-scale population-based drug screening and in future regenerative medicine strategies.

Stem cell article, some studies reported robust protocols for gen Gerstenhaber, Silvano Raia, Peter I. Lelkes and Mayana Zatz. Intrauterine adhesion IUA is an adhesion of the uterine cavity or cervical canal resulting from damage to the basal layer of the endometrium; this condition is usually accompanied by fibrosis of the endometr Content type: Short report.

Human stem cell article stromal cells hASCs have been gaining increasing popularity in regenerative medicine thanks to their multipotency, stem cell article, ease of collection, stem cell article, and efficient culture. Similarly to other stromal Jonas, Karine Glinel stem cell article Catherine Picart.

Obesity impairs a variety of cell types including adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells ASCs, stem cell article. It has been demonstrat Stem cell-based bone tissue engineering shows promise for bone repair but faces some challenges, such as insufficient osteogenesis and limited architecture flexibility of the cell-delivery scaffold. For adipose-derived stromal cells ASCs to be safe for use in the clinical setting, they need to be prepared using good manufacturing practices GMPs.

Authors: Carla Dessels, Melvin A. Ambele and Michael S, stem cell article. Taking advantage of cellular paracrine mechanisms, the secretome of adipose-derived stem cells ADSCs and stem cell article tissue has been demonstrated to induce tissue repair and regeneration in various ischemic and Stem cell article dominant osteopetrosis type II ADO2 is a rare human genetic disease that has been broadly studied as an important osteopetrosis model; however, there are stem cell article disease-specific induced pluripotent ste Premature ovarian insufficiency POI is one of the leading causes of female infertility, stem cell article, which is caused by an abnormal ovarian reserve.

Currently, there is no effective treatment to restore the fertility of The generation of functional human epidermal melanocytes HEM from stem cells provides an unprecedented source for cell-based therapy in vitiligo. Despite the important efforts exerted to obtain melanin-produ The culture of stem cells in a 3D environment is known to better resemble the in v Increasing evidence has shown that mesenchymal stem cells MSCs yield a favorable therapeutic benefit for thermal burn skin wounds.

Authors: Mira Park, stem cell article, J. Trophoblasts as a specific cell lineage are crucial for the correct function of the placenta. Human trophoblast stem cells hTSCs are a proliferative population that can differentiate into syncytiotrophoblast Tissue regeneration disorder after endometrial injury is an important cause of intrauterine adhesions, amenorrhea, and infertility in women. Both bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell BMSC transplantation and el The balance of oral microbiomes is crucial to maintain oral health.

Microecological imbalance can impair the function of mesenchymal stem cells MSCs and lead to delay wound healing. Probiotics is a promising Exosomes are extracellular membranous nanovesicles that mediate local and systemic intercellular communication by transporting proteins or nucleic acids DNA and RNA into target cells, thus altering the behav Content type: Commentary.

When studying purified hematopoietic stem cells, the urge for mechanisms and reductionist approaches appears to be overwhelming. The prime focus of the field has recently been on the study of highly purified h Adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells ADMSC are non-haematopoietic, fibroblast-like multipotent progenitor cells. They have the potential for trilineage adipocyte, chondrocyte and osteocyte differentiatio Non-obese diabetic NOD mice are the widely used animal model for huma The injured spinal cord is difficult to repair and regenerate.

Traditional treatments are not effective. Stem cells are a type of cells that have the potential to differentiate into various cells, including ne Hepatocellular carcinoma HCC is one of the most common tumors globally, stem cell article, with varying prevalence based on endemic risk factors, stem cell article.

Bone morphogenetic protein BMP exhibits a broad spectrum of biological activit The differentiation of corneal limbal stem cells LSCs from human pluripotent stem cells hPSCs has great power as a novel treatment for ocular surface reconstruction and for modeling corneal epithelial rene Adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stromal cells ASCs have been shown to exhibit some promising properties of their use in regenerative medicine as advanced therapy medicinal products ATMP.

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Doctors and scientists are excited about stem cells because they could help in many different areas of health and medical research. Studying stem cells may help explain how serious conditions such as birth defects and cancer come about. Stem cells may one day . Autophagy enhances mesenchymal stem cell-mediated CD4 + T cell migration and differentiation through CXCL8 and TGF-β1. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have been recognized as a promising tool for the treatment of various inflammatory disorders and autoimmune diseases. Stem cell therapy reverses sight loss and lets people read again Stem cells zapped with radiation can protect mice from cancer How 'stem cell' clinics became a Wild West for dodgy treatments.